About Us

Hello! My name is Jane and I am the owner and creator of Calamity Jane Candles. My mission is to create candles that burn clean and smell amazing! I began this journey in 2018 making candles for family and friends. The original goal was to free myself from the headaches I experienced burning traditional paraffin candles. Through research, testing, and perfecting I created a 100% soy, high quality, product that I was truly proud of. With the encouragement of my husband, I decided to take my candles to market. To my surprise and great blessing, Calamity Jane Candles have been well received by 15 retailers across 4 states. Furthermore, in keeping true to my mission, I continually research and test new products that rise to Calamity Jane standards of quality. My mom gave me the nickname “Calamity Jane” when I was a little girl. I believe she would be proud to see that I have given that same term of endearment to my passion for this company.